Nature Glamping Village

The Acomo Family’s farm has been raising goats for some time, and for the past two years they have now been including certified Angus Aberdeen breed of cattle in the wild with excellent results. Tourist accommodation also took off three years ago, following the construction of the three suites Bisalta, Monviso and Turra. Today because of the need to meet the high demand we have a desire to complete the already existing facilities with the aim of increasing the number of beds by taking advantage of the beauty of the hill on which we are located.

The Nature Village was born out of the idea of sharing the quietness that exists at Cà Del Pian;

Is reconnection with, precisely, Nature and its rhythms.

We plan to build 3 housing units, bungalow type, consisting of 4 beds and a private toilet each. [vedere foto allegate] Eco-sustainable green building structures respectful of the surrounding environment, with autonomous electrical system (management of energy resources through installation of photovoltaic panels) and plumbing system aimed at saving the resource.

These three units will be immersed in the Park, some of which already exists and some of which is being planned. The design phase is about habitat protection and biodiversity; we will plant plants, flowers and shrubs that attract pollinating insects, especially bees, to contribute in our own small way to creating the perfect natural environments for repopulation in the Garden of Colors.

We will create Aromatherapy Pathways (Fragrance Garden), through the herbs that best grow in our area, e.g. lavender, rosemary, sage, chamomile, calendula, etc.

There will be a space dedicated to the All-Year Garden/Blooming Garden, whose seasonal crops will be available to guests; a couple of rows of the ancient neiret vine will be planted in the part of the hill with the best exposure, along with apricot and peach plants for summer, apple and pear trees for fall.

We envisage the creation of a living area, a pergola for guest refreshment provided with a kitchenette reduced to the essentials, and a relaxation corner. This area, will also aim to gather and join guests in activities such as cooking classes, and tastings of typical products.

To complete the facility, and succeed in attracting Wellness clientele, there are plans to build the Wellness Zone with an outdoor swimming pool, Finnish sauna and whirlpool, and open-air massage area. Area that will be available to guests only, along with services such as precisely treatments and massages, pilates sessions and open-air yoga.

The idea is to make the most of the peaceful condition that generates a stay at Pian, attracting both an outdoor tourism clientele who will choose a rural stay in the Village, (with in addition the possibility of E-bikes rental with guide and/or routes marked by us); and a wellness-oriented clientele (see above services).