Consists of 4-seater Finnish sauna, 7-seater whirlpool, and swimming pool (available for the summer season)-included in the rate, by reservation, for a limited time subject to availability (30 minutes).
If the guest wishes, again by reservation at the time of confirmation, we may accompany him or her to the unique experience of the Wellness Path extra fee to be paid!



To provide the body with a good fluid supply, and to promote sweating.


We recommend your choice of one of the Bath Salts made by us, for spa treatments during the course.

Before starting the sauna, you should completely cleanse your body and dry yourself.


Warm-up phase: 5 to 8 minutes

Depending on your state of mind, you can take the position that best helps you achieve relaxation.

Initially, the sauna air can be kept dry; later you can throw a ladle of water on the stones to increase humidity and sweating.

For the last two minutes it is appropriate to sit down, to restore proper circulation.

Exit slowly to avoid pressure drops.

Cooling phase:

The Finnish Method involves, after a couple of minutes, a short ice shower starting from the feet toward the trunk, it is best to avoid the head being hit first!

Or, gradually immerse yourself in the hot tub with your whole body, taking care to submerge your head last.

The hot tub will be prepared with your chosen Bath Salts to combine the extremely beneficial action of aromatic plants and Aromatherapy.

The bath salts themselves, you will find them at your request In the form of a Scrub: to best cleanse your body of toxins. Treatment is recommended during the cooling phase.

The third stage 10- 15 minutes

In this phase you are expected to re-enter the sauna, for the minutes that suit you best,
always followed by a cooling phase of the same time spent inside the sauna.

It is recommended that this procedure be repeated a maximum of 3 times.

At the end of the treatment, it is recommended that you lie down for as long as you wish, and you can do so in the comfort of your room, where you will find a Tisaneria kit to replenish your fluids and mineral salts.


  • Wellness Path € 20/person – guided path between sauna, whirlpool and relaxation area, with herbal teas, bath salts and scrubs made by us. *
  • Massages and wellness treatments € 75/person – duration 50/60 minutes – by appointment the therapist will come to the facility to bring you to the highest state of relaxation; massages on request can be doneoutdoors or comfortably in your room . *
  • Sunset Yoga Session € 25/person – duration 90 minutes – outdoor yoga class, with no boundaries of style or tradition to help guests find harmony completely immersed in nature. (Subject to availability, there is an option to add Tibetan bell practice at the end of the session) *

*The facility will provide towels, mats and sports towels.


  • E-Bike trekking € 75/person/day€ 60/person/half-day e-bike trek without the guide, guests will be equipped with all the gear; we will have Komoot app downloaded for route marking in the valleys around us.
  • Extreme E-Bike trekking € 120/person/day ( IN DEFINITION!)- e-bike trekking in Prato Nevoso, including daily Bikepass and equipment rental.
  • Morning or afternoon Tennis /Padel session (TO BE DEFINED)



On the outskirts of the Nature Village you will find the Garden of Scents and the Garden of Colors, spaces designed to share the tranquility that you experience at Cà Del Pian and experience reconnection with Nature and its rhythms. An Aromatic Herb Garden ready to inundate you with its wonderful scents, with all the benefits we will introduce you to. A Color Garden overflowing with bulbous flowers to once again amaze you with the beauty of Nature and to contribute in our own small way to creating the perfect natural environments for pollinating insects to repopulate.

Guests will find a space dedicated to the All-Year Garden, whose seasonal crops will be available, and in the part of the hill with the best exposure a couple of rows of the ancient vine
, along with apricot and peach plants for summer, apple and pear trees for fall.